We have been lucky enough to work with BBC again and their amazing initiative Tiny Happy People. The BBC had found that their THP content even though it was aimed at young dads just wasn’t chiming with their intended audience. This is where they asked us to help them out.
We developed the idea of Al the Alien Midwife and the Intergalactic Maternity Ward an adult-skewed animated series. Where a range of specific language and communication techniques – such as Talking to your bump, Feeding, Baby Talk/Babbling etc. were used as a springboard to design a family of unique and grotesque aliens. Each script topic reinforced a memorable highly stylised visual device to help Dad’s remember the fact and encourage them to try the technique out themselves.
We arranged a Focus group with the target demographic and an educational/medical expert and it went down a storm. They loved the idea and the fact it felt like genuine entertainment rather than an e-learning film.

Our Medical experts comments were

A Studio Hansa project
Role: Creative, Art Direction, Design, Directing